The resistance of the epoxy floor makes this flooring system ideal in any high traffic area. Epoxy floor cleaning or maintenance is easy with a damp mop or light dusting on a daily basis. We DO NOT recommened the continous use of dry buff or dry scrub on the floors as a loss of gloss may occur. Elite Garage System usually applies a thickness of 3/8″. Our epoxy floors dry with a seamless glossy finish. Epoxy coatings can be used to restore old floors or protect and create new floors.


Below is an example of a past job.


This coating is very resistant to color fading and has excellent UV and weathering reflecting capabilites. Very good resistance to bacteria, moisture and dirt. This product can also be applied in temperatures as cold as (–5 degrees Celsius). The high strength of this product allows it to stand up to the abuse of all residential needs and commercial showrooms.

You can return your Home furniture to the correct spaces but we also recommend using felt pads and or rugs if aesthetically appealing. There are many colors to choose from with a lot of designs. The possibilities are endless. This flooring product has been approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) if applied by professionals.